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and art director


Painter, illustrator
and sculptor


Graphic designer

Zinematik is the result of our enthusiasm for the cinema and for mechanical devices. Our research into the creation and recreation of pre-cinema instruments and contraptions based on mechanical and optical principles inspired us to create this collection of wooden versions  of those primitive cinema apparatus. Studying and constructing  our creations led us through the history of a fascination – that of seizing and reproducing images in movement.

The three members of our team are: Marina Vives, carpenter and art director of this project, with prior experience in stage sets and automatons; Lucia Vives, painter, illustrator and sculptor, and Karine Jaume, graphic designer.

Zinematik has participated in all kinds of events, including  the Barcelona Science Festival,  Amposta Terres de l’Ebre Museum“Revela’t” Photography Festival, Terrassa Science and Technology MuseumCinema and Series Exposition,  Barcelona Mercè festivities

Our passion for machinery, science and the origin of things moves us to continue working towards the creations of new artefacts!

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